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The Clip Art Gallery offers educational clipart. .white {color:#ffffff;} .dkBlue {color:#000066;}

For our newsletter and special teacher promotions.

Discovery School now makes it easy to add graphics to your next project, whether it's for home or school. Choose from hundreds of original clip art pieces, including animations!
Animated Clips
Fun & Games
Health & Safety
Language Arts
Letters & Numbers
Logos & Mascots
Seasons & Holidays
Social Studies
Special Events
Over 3,000 photos, illustrations, clip art and Discovery Channel exclusive images!
  • Enhance worksheets, puzzles, newsletters, web sites!
  • Quick search by curriculum topic
  • Easily scale and edit images with FREE image editor
All clip art in Discovery School's Clip Art Gallery
created by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator.

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free free free clip art marijuana pregnancy heart sublimedirectory home depot